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Welcome to the site. I'm Jim Elliff. For the past 42 years I've been traveling around the world, discussing spiritual issues with people from every walk of life. Are you looking for the way to God? I'd like to help. On the site you will find answers to questions, clarifying articles, audio and the stories of people who have come to Christ. I also offer a publication you can receive by mail at no charge. Sincere questions are always welcome.

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Pursuing God
An audio book for seekers who are drawn toward God, but want more understanding.
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Wasted Faith
An audio book by Jim Elliff that examines authentic faith in Christ.
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Dialogue on Christianity
The Dialogue on Christianity is designed to explain how a person enters into a relationship with Christ.
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The Eaglet
A delightful e-book about knowing God written for children but loved by adults.
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Brockton Dialogues
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FREE Offer!

Our intent is to offer this item without cost to anyone who is truly seeking answers about spiritual matters. If that is you, then we hope you feel free to order this item.

Pursuing God - A Seeker's Guide is for those who are drawn toward God, but want more understanding. In a warm and conversational style, Jim Elliff presents the issues that must be considered for an essentiial relationship with God through Christ. A guide for reading the book of John is also provided to help readers obtain a firsthand knowledge of Jesus' teachings

To order this free item (seekers only, please) send your name and postal address to: info@ccwtoday.org.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Limit one per person, quantity limited. USA only, please.

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