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Wasted Faith - Audio

Wasted Faith

Wasted Faith is written to help those who claim to be Christians know for sure they are in God's family. It is sober look at the nature of authentic faith and its various counterfeits.

"What is most alarming is the risky willingness of many professing Christians to gamble eternity on an emotional one-time experience, a 'sinner's prayer' properly prayed, or a feeling of substantial relief at a juncture in time, without ever taking a serious look at what is evident now, at this moment. Is eternal life of so little value that it seems unnecessary to examine ourselves for the evidence of it?" (from Wasted Faith)

Download the entire 72 minute book as a zip file.

  1. Introduction
  2. A Very Real Concern
  3. Faith Without The Spirit
  4. Faith Without Christ
  5. Faith Without Reason
  6. Faith Without Repentance
  7. The Initial Act of Faith
  8. Faith Without Fruit
  9. Faith That Does Not Last
  10. What Must I Do
  11. A Final Note
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